Selamat Datang – Welcome

Malaysian Association of Hong Kong or MAHK was established more than 35 years ago by a group of Malaysian professionals and entrepreneurs living in Hong Kong. We organize regular gatherings and many memorable events for our members and their friends.
MAHK was formed to encourage fellowship among Malaysians and friends of Malaysia living in Hong Kong. Further, we would like to promote different aspects and cultures of Malaysia in a fun and social setting. If you are Malaysian or just want to find out more about Malaysia, we look forward to welcoming you at one of our events.

MAHK is registered as a non-profit making organisation under the Societies Ordinance.

Executive Committee
2022 - 2023

Hall of Fame

Founding Members

Professor Arthur C.M.C. Yau

Mr. Hwang Yang Choo

Datuk Khoo Siak Chiew

Mr. Lee Huat Cheong

Professor G.B. Ong

Dr. C.C. Chua

Dato’ Lim Ooi Kong

Mr. Wong Kim Ling

Dr. Chin Kwan How

Mr. Tan Eng Chuen

Dr. C.L. Ong

Mr. Chan Kok Mun

Mr. Andrew Yeoh

Mr. David Leong

Mr. S.C. Li

Honorary Member

Mr. Andrew Yeoh


2022 – current Ms. Janice Chew

2019 – 2021 Ms. Gina Wong

2017 – 2018 Dr. Wilson Woon

2014 – 2016 Ms. Helen Kong

2011 – 2013 Ms. Judith Yew

2009 – 2010 Ms. Helen Kong

2006 – 2008 Ms. Judith Yew

2004 – 2005 Mr. K.K. Chow

2001 – 2003 Ms. Stephanie Ho

2000 Professor Wong Tat Meng

1998 – 1999 Mr. Wong Woon Han

1997 Mr. Francis Chung

1996 Mr. Alfred Lam

1995 Mr. C.B. Lim

1994 Mr. P.O. Choong

1993 Mr. Kim T. Chan

1990 – 1992 Mr. Tan Wan Hong

1989 Mr. Teh Boo Yim

1987 – 1988   Mr. Sean Gan

1985 – 1986   Mr. Andrew Yeoh

Pre-1984       Mr. K.L. Chong, Professor Arthur Yau